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    Normal Leveringstid: 14 dagar
    Kelva LC
    Varenr.: 5980
    Kelva Label Clean is Kelva's most compact contact web cleaner.
    The Clean is specially designed for narrow web applications such as label printing, but can handle webs up to 1300mm.

    . Cleans film, foil and sealed type paper at speeds up to 350 m/min
    . Can be mounted in any direction
    . Easy to build in to new machines and to retrofit in to existing machines.
    . Low-silicone polymer roller
    . Single-sided cleaning
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    Normal Leveringstid: 14 dagar
    Kelva CWC
    Varenr.: 5857
    Kelva Contact Web Cleaner is suitable for web speeds up to 350 m/min, from 250mm to 650mm.
    It has crocodile opening to allow easy web threading and continous cleaning while changing adhesive rolls.
    The static discharger prevents the web from reattracting dust after cleaning.

    . Reduces contamination up to 98 %
    . Polymer roller makes very good contact with the web - even at low pressure
    . Available for single or double sided cleaning
    . Low-silicone polymer roller
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    Normal Leveringstid: 14 dagar
    Kelva WWC
    Varenr.: 5981
    Kelva WWC is built for webs from 600 mm up to 1300 mm.
    The is suitable for film, foil and sealed type paper.
    The Kelva WWC is also available as a single sided cleaner.

    Double sided cleaning
    . Designed for web speeds up to 600 m/min
    . Pull-out function for side access to the adhesive rolls
    . Low silicone polymer rollers
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