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Etikett skärmaskiner

    Normal Leveringstid: 21 dagar
    VIRGO - Compact desktop digital finishing system
    Varenr.: 92663
    Virgo is a compact destop finishing system that unwinds, laminates labels for durability, digitally die cuts, removes excess label material around each die-cut shape, slit, and rewinds offering you everything to professionally cut and finish labels.
    The system provides a very accurate label finishing solution using cutting plotter technology with reduced dimensions.This allows you to cut different types of materials and shapes on the fly without the added cost of dies.
    • 105.206,00  SEK exkl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 45 dagar
    GEMINI - Digital die cutter for sheet labels
    Varenr.: 92245
    The Gemini is an automatic sheet feeding and cutting system designed to automatically load and cut without the need of an operator.
    Equipped with a Graphtec CE6000 Plotter, cuts can be made on adhesive sheets, silk screen prints, shop material prints and digital prints on cardboard.
    • 40.994,00  SEK exkl. moms
    Normal Leveringstid: 45 dagar
    Taurus laser skæremaskine
    Varenr.: 92249
    Taurus is a full compact roll to roll converting system for digital laser cutting applications. Simply load your artwork and the laser module will accurately cut different shapes and materials.
    The Taurus laser unit is a system that unwinds, laminates, laser die-cuts, removes waste, slits, and rewinds.
    Equipped with a 3 axes scanner and the latest in laser technology, this unit offers a better X and Y register and cut depth control (Z) allowing the user to cut with different power levels on the same labels. This means an increase in quality and precision of label edges and a higher flexibility in label design.
      Normal Leveringstid: 10 dagar
      Blade (10pcs)
      Varenr.: 92241
      • 343,00  SEK exkl. moms
      Normal Leveringstid: 10 dagar
      Blade holder
      Varenr.: 92240
      • 377,00  SEK exkl. moms
      Normal Leveringstid: 10 dagar
      Cutting Mat (2pcs)
      Varenr.: 92244
      • 391,00  SEK exkl. moms
      Normal Leveringstid: 10 dagar
      Knife Holder
      Varenr.: 92243
      • 1.603,00  SEK exkl. moms
      Normal Leveringstid: 10 dagar
      Plotter knife (5pcs)
      Varenr.: 92242
      • 1.964,00  SEK exkl. moms
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